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Some Features In Uber Chapel.

Precise Member Database

Keep all your members' details in one place: Our thorough member database simplifies church management

Record Attendance

With our unique QR codes for seamless check-ins, marking attendance has become super simple and accurate.

Get Insights

Gain instant & valuable attendance insights: Track missed members and reach out to them effortlessly.

Flexible Role-based Access

Uber Chapel allows you to grant access levels to multiple users with customized permissions for collaboration.

Member Cards

Unique member cards come with QR codes for easy identification and streamlined check-ins.

Connect with Your Members

Built-in call, whatsApp and SMS features allow you to send personalized messages and service/event reminders.

Amazing Member Profiles

With uber Chapel, you can quickly get to know all about your members at a glance. Easily access key information such as member's name, age, contact information, attendance records, interaction records, and family information.

With our call, message, or visit feature, you can reach out to your members quickly and efficiently, all within the same app. You can also identify members who are new to the church, who haven't attended services in a while and members who need support from our feedback system.

Attendance & Insights

With our app's seamless attendance marking feature, you can save time and increase efficiency in tracking attendance for services. Whether you prefer to scan QR codes or search by name or phone number, our app makes attendance tracking easy and convenient.

Once attendance has been marked, the app provides instant insight into who was present and who was absent for each service. You can view attendance records for individual members or for the entire congregation, giving you a clear picture of attendance trends over time.

Our Pricing Plans


1 - 40 Members

₵ 20/ month

What's Included

  • Up to 40 Members
  • Member cards
  • 24/hr support
  • Advanced reporting
  • Bulk messaging service
  • Online training for workers


41 - 200 Members

₵ 80/ month

What's Included

  • Up to 200 Members
  • Member cards
  • 24/hr support
  • Advanced reporting
  • Bulk messaging service
  • Online training for workers


201 - 1000 Members

₵ 300/ month

What's Included

  • Up to 1000 Members
  • Member cards
  • 24/hr support
  • Advanced reporting
  • Bulk messaging service
  • Online training for workers


1000 - 5000+ Members

Custom/ month

What's Included

  • Up to 5000 Members
  • Onboarding Assistance
  • 24/hr support
  • Advanced reporting
  • Bulk messaging service
  • In-person training


Importing your existing church register to Uber Chapel is a breeze with our easy-to-use web app and Excel integration. Simply export your data to an Excel file, upload it to our web app, and let Uber Chapel do the rest. Our powerful import tool will automatically map your data to the correct fields, so you don't have to worry about formatting or errors.

Within minutes, you'll have a fully integrated and up-to-date record of your congregation, ready for analysis and visualization in Uber Chapel. Whether you're a small church just starting out or a large organization with multiple branches, Uber Chapel makes it easy to get started and stay organized.

One of the primary benefits of using Uber Chapel is its ability to provide real-time data on the growth of each ministry or member group. This data can be used to identify areas where the church is excelling and where it needs to focus its efforts.

The app provides easy-to-read charts and graphs that allow church leaders to quickly understand trends and patterns in the data. Uber Chapel is an invaluable tool for churches that want to grow and thrive in today's rapidly changing world.

At Uber Chapel, we understand the importance of having a feedback system in place for monitoring members when calls and check-ups are done. That's why we've built a comprehensive feedback system into our church growth app.

Whether you prefer to subscribe online, fill out a contact form, call us, or reach out on social media, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Uber Chapel is rolling out some exciting updates to our church growth app. These updates include bulk WhatsApp messaging, target setting for churches, and member check-ins within a church radius. Bulk messaging will allow churches to send messages to multiple members at once, while target setting will help churches track progress towards their goals.

Member check-ins will make it easy to track attendance and engagement in specific areas. These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible experience for our users. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements from Uber Chapel in the future.

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